I have been doing the natural hair look for a couple of years now. Several people have asked what is it I use to enhance my curls so I figured lets document it today. First off, I have tried several types of shampoo but currently I like "Organix".
The coconut version really helps to better shape my curls, maybe thats because coconut is good for your hair. I have tried the pomegranate one also and it doesn’t leave my curls as tight. Smells good though so thats awesome.  I have tried other shampoos such as "Carol's Daughter", "Blended Beauty", and "Lush Daddy-O". I still use the Lush because it really really cleans my hair. 
For the leave in products I use either "Mixed Chicks" or "Shea Moisture leave-in".
  I have tried several leave-ins that left my curls feeling crispy, and hard. I felt they were making a crunching sound whenever I would squeeze them. (I would squeeze them alot)  The brands that left my hair like that was "Hair Rules", something else and "Curls". There were other brands that didn’t really form my curls at all, kind of leaving my hair looking like a bush. Those were "Blended Beauty", and "Carols Daughter Hair Milk". I have heard about Miss Jessie that its not a leave-in but something you shape your curls with, like a pomade. There are a couple of other things I like to use,
  a conditioner by Carols Daughter "Black Vanilla" and a oil sheen "TUI Hair Sheen". I want to try "Burts Bees" shampoo.
I love how their face products have made my face so clear and soft. I believe it has also gave me a little glow or that might be the illuminating moisturizer I use. Whichever it looks good.  

No matter what products you use first learn your hair. If you are doing natural curls learn your curl type so you can purchase the right products. Definitely do your research and scan the web and read reviews because it really helps.