TV Time

I noticed that there are certain shows that come on TV that will catch my eye for its eye candy wardrobe. I remember watching Glee when it first started. As I enjoyed the songs and simple but funny storyline but I would think to myself  "I’ve seen that shirt before, I’ve seen that skirt before too". With every show I know were certain wardrobe pieces came from. I had my own little game I would play with myself, "Name That Wardrobe". I find it fun to watch different shows and critique the stylist of the show.  I have to give the stylist for the show "The New Normal" 5 red bottoms.

The wardrobe for the character Bryan is just too much. I want to just hang out with him so I can see what he wears each day. Don’t get me wrong the show is hilarious too but I mainly enjoy Bryan’s outfits in each scene. Their so cute ,the layers, the colors, the different styles, I'm getting excited thinking about it.
I just want to go on the show and be his wonder twin for the day. We can wear "Erickson Beamon" rings and as we put them together Bryan would say "form of a fabulously stylish gay man" and I would say "shape of a sexy female version"... A girl can dream right.